1. Can my application video include the same pieces that I intend to play at the competition?

Answer: Absolutely. The audition recording is independent of the competition, so yes, you can play the same pieces in the recording and live at the competition.


  1. How do I let you know what pieces I am playing on the application video? There is no spot in the application form to indicate that.

Answer:  Depending on how you send the recording, it’s nice to know what is being played, either on the physical CD or in the electronic file you submit, but it is not a requirement. In most cases we will recognize the music.


  1. Do I have to be 30 yrs old by the dates specified? I turn 30 two weeks after the competition.

Answer:  Sorry. But, you must be 30yrs + at the time of the competition.


  1. Why do you want payment made electronically at PayPal?

Answer:  It’s easiest for us to keep records as to your payment and also allows for conversions to be accurate at the time of payment.  i.e.  converting Euro to USD, etc.


  1. I selected the 2-round competition and really wanted to select the 3-round competition on the application form. How do I unselect the 2-round?

Answer:   In the portion of the form where you select the “Repertoire and Performance Choices”  you will play in (2-round     classical, 3-round classical, modern piano) only select ONE.  If you select the wrong one and/or change your mind – then re-click on the incorrect choice to zero out that choice.


6.  I am interested in the 3-round classical competition, but I cannot find any detailed information on repertoire requirements and performance time for each round on your website. 

Answer: Here is the layout for competing in the 3-round Classical competition

             We will initially select 40 applicants to begin the 3-round competition.

            Selection process for further rounds are:

2nd Round – 12 competitors

3rd Round (Finals) – 5 competitors

Works do not have to be memorized.

No works can be repeated in subsequent rounds.


Performances must include a minimum of two pieces of various classical (e.g., Classical & Romantic,

Baroque & 20th Century, Baroque & Romantic, and so on). You are welcome to offer more than two works if not                              exceeding the time limits set above for the round you are competing in.

        Length of Playing time in each round:   

Round #1 – 12 minutes

Round #2 – 15 minutes

Round #3 – 25-30 minutes

7.  Is there any reason why one should consider the 2-round format over the 3-round ?

This is a question you must decide for yourself. The 3-round competition is the more challenging one and one that requires more repertoire.  It is the crown jewel of the entire competition and the most difficult.  We do have many apply that have never entered an amateur competition before and they tend to prefer the 2-round competition – which is quite challenging.

The 2-round competition involves playing 12 minutes in the first round. (20 competitors).  The second round is quickly narrowed to 6-8 competitors (depending on who the judges select) and you are required to play 15 minutes.  i.e. you need a repertoire of 30 minutes of different pieces.
The 3-round competition involved playing 12 minutes in the first round (40 competitors).  The second round includes 12 competitors and 15 minutes of playing and the third round includes 5 competitors that will play for 25-30 minutes each.  i.e. you need a repertoire of 1 hour of different pieces.


8.  Something you may not know – you can apply today – get $10 off the $50 application fee – and not include your video portion of the application. The $10 savings is only available until December 31, 2015.  After that it is the regular $50 price.  As long as the video portion is sent to us by April 1, 2016 you will be fine. So – APPLY TODAY – submit your video later.


9.  I competed in the last Chicago Amateur Piano Competition and was wondering if I still need to submit a new audition Video/CD with my application.


We have a new set of members evaluating videos – so it would be important that you submit a video.  
Note:  You can submit your application now minus the video – it’s OK.  But you must submit a video by the April 1, 2016 deadline
Note:  You can submit the same video you sent us for the 2014 competition or a new one.  We are anticipating a high number of applicants.  The choice is yours.

……more to come as questions are submitted by our readers